We Built a Tool 20 Years Ahead of Its Time And Almost Went Out of Business.

Back in the 90s, enterprise companies needed remote desktop access for their employees. Microsoft RDS, Citrix, and VMware built solutions to address this need. For years, they’ve been leading the space, investing money and effort into delivering desktop experiences.

We built a simpler tool to provide remote access to Windows applications — not full desktops — from any cloud. Most companies didn’t need our solution and GO-Global struggled.

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GO-Global is for

Centrally-managed apps that simulate a corporate desktop.

Make your Windows app accessible to customers from any cloud.

Customers who expect to get to work fast without issues. dfg

Lots of servers and time to handle their complexity.

What We Do

SedCom enables remote access for multiple users to Microsoft® Windows® applications without using an RDS (RDS). SedCom replaces Microsoft's remote entry systems, display driver, protocol, Internet gateway, and management tools. SedCom has a unique architecture that eliminates the need to install RDS components on Windows desktop or server computers. SedCom also provides user login security using two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect against the spread of attacks that RDS organizations face due to overstaffing and their attempts to access corporate systems remotely. In short, SedCom is a complete virtualization system and remote application access solution, for both Windows desktops and servers, using 100% GraphOn technology without dependence on features or architecture used by other vendors


Simple Application Delivery Deliver applications and desktops to any device Enable cloud computing Simplify management and reduce cost of ownership Enable flexible mobile working Ease deployment of applications and increase IT efficiency


Thin Clients and Zero Clients for the latest virtual desktop infrastructure solutions. Our VMware, Citrix and Microsoft ready hardware is designed to suit all user types, from those requiring low-level application support such as Microsoft Office, right through to power users requiring HD Video/Audio, Flash/HTML5, video conferencing, 3D, CAD and 4K resolution.


GO-Global is the fast and secure application access and Web-enabling solution that makes it easy and cost-effective to extend the reach of your existing Windows, UNIX, and Linux applications to your company's network or the Web.

JETRO PLATFORMS Secured Application Delivery

COCKPIT4 introduces a wide set of new features across all of the product's components - including the server back-end, clients, and the administrator console.


ThinRDP for Remote Desktop Services ThinRDP delivers high-performance RDP access, taking advantage of the HTML5 Web browser technology. Convert any modern Web Browser into a Virtual Desktop.


Ericom Blaze: RDP Acceleration Frustrated by Slow RDP sessions or PDF scrolling? Get up to 10s faster graphics, animations & Tricom Blaze RDP compression and acceleration software delivers a superior and secure local PC like experience across the WAN/LAN,

Deliver Your Windows App from any Cloud, With Better Performance, Without Paying for Extra Licenses


See How Software Vendors Save Time & Money On Windows Application Publishing Join 1000+ software companies delivering Windows apps to 500,000+ happy users.

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